2022 Regional Gathering

Online Registration is now available!

The new DAM RG website can be found at:


March 25-27 2022

DoubleTree Suites - Miamisburg

What's an RG?

An RG is a weekend filled with food, fun and friends, with a lot of laughing, and even a little learning.


Dayton is famous for its hospitality. We provide full meals for all 3 days, decadent desserts, plus an abundance of sweet, salty, savory – and even healthy – snacks to keep you fueled all weekend. We also have a wide range of beverages.


Like a conference or symposium, an RG hosts speakers presenting on variety of topics – anything that a Mensan might be interested in, from scientific discoveries to pop culture. Dayton typically runs two speaker tracks from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. A full schedule with information on topics and speakers will be made available electronically in advance.

Games and Tournaments

We look forward to Euchre, Double-Deck Cancellation Hearts (DDCH), Dominion, True Greed, Quirkle, Exploding Kittens, and several other tournaments and trivia contests. For 2022, we hope to add some online/integrated games, like Jackbox Games and Kahoot! Trivia. There are also dedicated game rooms open 24-7 to use at your leisure, but you can also organize and play games in the ballroom.

BONUS: You can earn points in each tournament by playing, placing, and/or winning. The person who earns the most points will receive the Overall Gamer Award!

Smart People Like You!

For many, an RG is primarily a time to socialize. Most regular RG-goers look forward to reuniting with old friends – and making some new ones. DAMNations attendees come from all over, from New York to Texas and from Florida to Toronto. There is no single "type” of person who goes to RGs. They run the gamut of demographics: ages, careers, education, beliefs, politics, and all sorts of social comfort levels. An RG is a great time to meet some of them.

Is This Your First RG?

It can take a leap of faith to attend your first RG, especially if you haven't attended many (or any!) in-person events. We do our best to make it easy. You might have some questions. Every RG is different, and this will be the first Dayton RG for many folks. So, do not worry about being “the new person” or about asking questions. (We love questions.) Here are some useful tidbits:

  • The Hospitality Zoom room will open 5 p.m. on Friday. Presentations, games, and socializing will continue until Sunday around 1 p.m.
  • There will be an event agenda published online with information about the scheduled programs and speakers.
  • Additional information will be posted on the DAMNations 33 event on Facebook as the weekend approaches.
  • Jigsaw puzzles and coloring books are not just for children.
  • It's always okay to ask to join a conversation or a game. It may seem like many people know each other, but about half are just meeting for the first time, and they want to meet you, too!

Visit our RG website to register.

See you at the RG!

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Updated: 1/23/2022
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