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The Members Pages include the detailed contact information for the Steering Committee and Other Volunteers. There are also current and back issues of MPULSE, Links and the Members Essay Page. These are tentative at the moment, and are populated with a small number of links and essays to start things off, but we are soliciting new content from the membership.

Members are encouraged to contribute essays to this section and welcome to suggest additional content to this website to keep it current and useful for both members and visitors. The essays and links will be posted pretty much "as is" after a simple overview by the essays and links moderator. No editing will be done on the content, spelling, grammar, etc. What you contribute is what gets posted, warts and all. Any article or link may be rejected outright by the feature's moderator if it's deemed inappropriate.

When you attempt to access one of the Members Only pages for the first time during an online session, you will be asked for your User name and Password. Once you've logged in and view the first Member Only page, you can move between the Public and Member Only pages seamlessly without further login during that web session--as if it were a single website. An image of the Connect dialog is shown to the left to let you know what you will see during the login process. Your Member Number, which you enter into the field labeled "User name:" appears just above your name on the MPULSE mailing label.

Your PIN, which you enter into the field labeled "Password:", was mailed with your most recent membership card. If you select the Remember my password checkbox on the Connect to secure.us.mensa.org dialog, the next time the dialog appears it will be pre-populated with that information (as shown in the image to the right) so that all you need to is select OK. Please note that this PIN is CaSe Sensitive and must be entered exactly as it was sent to you. If you set your browser to remember passwords you need enter the information only once, all subsequent accesses will be automatically accepted.

If you have not received your PIN, or it has been misplaced, you contact the National Offices, 800-66-MENSA, and they can provide the information over the phone of via USPS. Currently PINs/Passwords cannot be emailed.

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Updated: 1/23/2022
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