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This page contains links to useful Mensa websites as well as links to interesting non-Mensa websites recommended by members of Mensa. Their presence on this page does not constitute an endorsement of the site or its owner organization, merely that a Mensa member found it useful or interesting and recommended it.

Useful Mensa Links

AMERICAN MENSA is the official site of American Mensa with a variety of pages filled with information about American Mensa.

The Mensa Store is the new site for buying Mensa merchandise: shirts, headware, and accessories--everything from bumper stickers and bookmarks to pins and watches. A great place to shop for gifts for your favorite Mensan.

MENSA BENEFITS AND SERVICES is site containing many of the benefits and services offered to Mensa members are listed below. Not listed are the endless opportunities for friendship and belonging through the vast network of social activities at both the national and the local level. This one is well worth a look.

MENSA EDUCATION AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION is the Mensa organization that gives awards to various deserving recipients and provides scholarships to students in higher education institutions. They also publish the Mensa Research Journal subscriptions to which you can order from theie site.

MENSA FOR KIDS is a site with fun and educational games and activities for the kids and resources for parents and teachers. It also sponsors the Excellence in Reading Award to encourage the joy of reading in children.

MENSA INTERNATIONAL is the website of Mensa worldwide, which has information about Mensa as well as links to the 40 various National Mensa groups worldwide. Mensa has 110,000 members in 100 countries.

MENSA LEADERSHIP has information about the leadership of Mensa, both at the national and local level, with resources for local groups, special interest group (SIG) resources, and upcoming leadership workshops.

MENSA MEMBER FORUMS is Mensa's Online Community in which members from American Mensa and members around the world share their insights and interests.

MENSA PRIMER is a site that has information, especially helpful to new Mensans, such as dues, gatherings, geography, local groups, and helping your group. There is also a very good page "To New Members."

MENSA WEEKLY BRAINWAVE is a news service, to which you can subscribe for weekly delivery to your email, contains articles on a broad variety of topics from a number of sources such as Mensa, Scientific American, National Geographic, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Live Science.

MENSA WORKS. In partnership with Boxwood Online Career Centers, Mensa Works is an exclusive benefit for online employment connections. It's a place to post resumes for free and to target choice jobs. For employers, it's a rich resource of driven and highly educated workers.

SIGHT, which stands for the Service of Information, Guidance, and Hospitality, allows members to enjoy the hospitality and company of Mensans from around the country and in 40 countries around the globe.

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (SIGs). This site has links to the hundred and a half Mensa Special Interest Groups along with descriptions of each, listed alphabetically by name in one list and groups by category in another.

Interesting Non-Mensa Sites

AUTODIDACTIC.COM is the website of Autodidactic Press whose banner for the Self University Newsletter page states that they are "Committed to lifelong learning."

FRESIAN.COM/SCIENCE is the Philosophy of Science area of the Friesian School's website.

GREAT BOOKS OF THE WESTERN WORLD is an Angelfire site that provides articles, reviews, summaries, and links to other sites that deal with the Great Books of the Western World.

INTERNET ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY is the IEP website, "A Peer-Reviewed Academic Resource."

INTERTEL is an organization founded in 1966 whose website banner reads, "An International Society of the Intellectually Gifted." Membership is for those who score in the top 1% on a standardized IQ Test.

NATIONAL ACADEMIES.ORG is the consolidated website for the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council.

NOBEL PRIZE.ORG, the official site of the Nobel Prize, has a lot of information on current and historic Nobel Prize awarded achievements. The site also contains interactive learning games and other educational materials.

PRINCIPIA CYBERNETICA is a website based in Belgium whose aim is to "develop a complete philosophy based on the principles of evolutionary cybernetics." It has a mirror site in the United States hosted by the Los Alamos National Laboratories.

SANTAFE.EDU is the website of the Santa Fe Institute, "a private, not-for-profit, independent research and education center founded in 1984, for multidisciplinary collaborations in the physical, biological, computational, and social sciences."

TURING.ORG.UK is a website dedicated to Alan Turing, the English scientist who built the first functioning computer as part of his code-breaking work at Bletchley Park,. His Touring maching broke the codes of Germany's Enigma cipher machine in 1939.

WIKIPEDIA.ORG, a popular online encyclopedia with 3.75 million articles in English, is the "free encyclopedia that anyone can edit." As such, there is a lot of information there but an article is only as accurate as the person or organization providing the information. Most of the citations for the article on Mensa cite various Mensa sources, for example, so that article can be considered accurate.

PHILOSOPHY: AN ONLINE RESOURCE GUIDE contains a variety of online philosophy resources for those interested in learning about philosophy from the "Wise Old Sayings" website.

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