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Joining Dayton Area Mensa

You may be asking, "How do I join Mensa?" or "How do I qualify for Membership?" Joining is easy. First, you must qualify by one of two testing methods with a score in the top 2%. Once you qualify, it's simply a matter of paying your dues. If your are interested, contact the for further information and directions to test sites.

There are two Qualification Methods:

Standard Test Method:
If you're at least fourteen years old, you can take a standardized test in the Dayton area, administered by a member of Dayton Area Mensa.
Applicants will need to present the following on the day of the test:
• A photo ID priving they are at least 14 years old
• A testing fee of $40 in cash or a check made out to American Mensa, Ltd.
Two different types of test are given with a short break between. One is geared more toward those who are verbal, the other is for those who are more analytical. The completed tests are sent to American Mensa for scoring, who will mail you the results.

Alternate Test Method
You can submit evidence of scores from prior testing in a supervised, standardized test like Standford Binet, Miller Analogies, or the GMAT. This can be done on the Submit Qualifying Testing page of American Mensa. That site has information, frequently asked questions, and the ability to print an application.

Upcoming Testing
For your convenience, Dayton Area Mensa Testing takes place at different locations in the Dayton area. You can always find information on upcoming test dates in the Coming Events section of the Home page and on the Calendar Page. Clicking on the Mensa Membership Testing event in the list will expand the view to display more details, including a link to a map with directions to the testing venue.

Missing a Qualifying Score
Some have asked, if I take the proctored Standard Test and miss qualifying, can I take it again? Unfortunately, the answer is, "No." Once you take the proctored test, you cannot take it again. Our advice to you is to either use prior evidence or be tested by a private psychologist, especially if you are one of the folks who do not test well or are anxious about taking tests.

Culture Fair Testing
A non-language culture-fair battery of tests is available for those whose first language is not English, those who are dyslexic, or those who have a physical condition which would prevent them from taking the regular Mensa Admissions Tests. The non-language tests are given only by appointment.. If this would apply to you, please let us know so we can set up an appointment.

Other Resources
There are several other great resources available on the American Mensa website:
• The Mensa Workout is an online quiz for entertainment purposes only and takes about half an hour to finish.
• The Mensa Online Home Test is a fun way to discover if you are Mensa material. The home test does not qualify you for membership, but it is a strong indication of your liklihood of success should you decide to take the standard test.
• The Admission of Gifted Youth Site offers information on testing with gifted youth in mind. It also contains a more complete list of the alternate tests accepted than the sample listed above and, thus, is worth a look by all those thinking about pursuing the Alternate Test Method.
• If you are a former member and want to re-join American Mensa, the Rejoin Mensa, Site provides information on reinstating your membership with your membership number.

If you're a member of Mensa in another country now living in the United States and wish to transfer your membership to American Mensa, go to the Information for Internationsl Members Site for this information.

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Updated: 1/23/2022
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