Dayton Area Mensa Bylaws

Dayton Area Mensa has a set of bylaws that define the purpose of the organization, to guide the actions of the Steering Committee and members including voting rights, the makeup and responsibilities of the Steering Committee, including the Ombudsman, election procedures, and member rights and responsibilities.

Excerpts from Dayton Area Mensa's Bylaws:
The following are excerpts from the bylaws that readers may find interesting. For the full document of the bylaws, please download the document using the link to Dayton Area Mensa Bylaws on the left.

Article 1 (Name and Purpose), Paragraph 3. The purpose of DAM is to support the aims of AML in identifying and fostering human intelligence for the benefit of humanity; encouraging research in the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence; and providing opportunities for contacts among Mensa members.

Article 2 (Membership), Paragraph 1. Membership in DAM shall be open to all Mensa members in good standing, as assigned by AML.

Article 2 (Membership), Paragraph 2. DAM considers that bigotry and prejudice are contrary to the nature of AML.

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Updated: 1/23/2022
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