Benefits of Mensa Membership

There are many intelligent reasons to join Mensa. Many say that it boils down to one thing: Family. Our members use Mensa to make true, heart-felt family connections based on things like curiosity, humor, the desire to learn and a respect for other perspectives. Whether you actively attend Mensa meetings or simply relish the intellectual stimulation that membership promotes, you'll find the benefits of Mensa membership to be numerous indeed. Some of the benefits are:
• Intellectual Stimulation
• Social Interaction
• Local and National Publications
• Community Support and Service

In addition to being able to sit in on our meetings and activities and area Special Interest Groups (SIGs), you are also welcome to get more involved and contribute your time and talent to one or more of our events. You can have your writing published by contributing an article to MPULSE or the website, or show off your culinary skills by bringing a dish to the Steering Committee or other meeting or hosting one in your home. You can also put your organizational skills into the spotlight by helping to coordinate an event.

Additionally, there is a wealth of resources and services available to members, many of which are in the list of Mensa Links on the Links Page. These include benefits such as banking, hotels and travel, office supplies, internet dating, publications and electronics, and internet security. The full list is available on the American Mensa Benefits and Services Page. There is also an additional list on the Mensa International Benefits Page.

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Updated: 1/23/2022
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