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MPULSE Article Guidelines

This page outlines the Dayton Area Mensa's newsletter guidelines and editorial policy. MPULSE is the Dayton Area Mensa Newsletter, by and for Dayton Area Mensa members. It will make you laugh, sometimes intentionally. Sometimes it will be thought-provoking and sometimes just provoking. It will definitely keep you up-to-date with what is happening in the group. It is provided to all members through email or regular mail, depending on the member's preference on file with American Mensa.

Current and back issues are available in the MPULSE Newsletter Page (In the Member Only Section).

If you are interested in contributing to MPULSE, check out the Editorial Policy below, then email the with your contribution. Alternately, you may use the MPULSE Submission Page in the Members Only section to submit your article electronically.

MPULSE Editorial Policy and Guidelines

The editor of MPULSE serves at the pleasure of the DAM Steering Committee. It is the responsibility of the editor to produce a quality, professional newsletter for the benefit of the members of Dayton Area Mensa and other subscribers to the publication. The policy established by the Steering Committee for MPULSE is as follows:

1. MPULSE solicits contributions from readers. It shall be the Editor's responsibility to edit submissions for reasons of space, grammar, punctuation, and general appropriateness for the publication, and to ensure that the format, tone, and cohesiveness of the newsletter will be professional, and will appear as uniform throughout as is practical. The contributor accepts that editorial changes, if any, performed by the Editor are part of the publication process. Courtesy proofing copies of submissions that are edited for the foregoing reasons will be sent to the contributor. If the contributor decides that the article has changed from the intended meaning, s/he may discuss with the Editor and/or request that the article be withheld from publication. This request will be honored by the Editor.

2. In general, letters to the Editor, if deemed appropriate by the Editor, will be presented as written, subject to space considerations. Regional Vice Chair columns, National Office communiques and formal reports issued by the Steering Committee (e.g., Treasurer's Report and Meeting Minutes) will be formatted for style and edited only as needed for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Essays, such as those submitted for scholarship contests, will be printed as written without editorial changes of any kind. Articles reprinted from other Mensa publications (with permission of the original source, and due credit to the source) will be published as originally supplied.

3. A contributor may request that his/her name be withheld. It will be the Editor's decision to publish the article with the notation "name withheld by request" or to not publish the article.

4. No copyrighted material will be published unless the contributor furnishes written proof of copyright ownership or permission from the copyright owner.

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