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About Us

About Us About Us

About Dayton Area Mensa

Dayton Area Mensa (DAM) was founded in the 1960s for the fellowship and personal growth for its members, and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and common interests. To these ends, we organize regularly scheduled activities. We offer simple family events, including picnics and country walks. Several monthly luncheons and dinners provide fellowship and conversation over a meal. We offer the stimulation of our games nights, and large conferences and educational events. We have a variety of activities for all types of personalities, a comprehensive list with descriptions is on the Activities Page with the full monthly schedule on the Calendar Page and the Upcoming Events tab of the Home Page.

Members also participate in Special Interest Groups (SIGs) with activities targeted to a specific personal interest. The first two Mensa SIGs were for the study of gifted children and investments, and now cover a broad range of interests, anthropology, art and music, age group specific groups (e.g., teens, GenX and Baby Boomers), motorcycles and bicycles, religion, mysteries, outdoor sports, websites and writing. We take an active interest in the needs of gifted children and work with local schools to provide educational support and social stimulation to these children and their families.

We also work with the Mensa Education and Research Foundation to submit candidates for their annual Scholarship Competition, information about which can be found on the Scholarships page.

Dayton Area Mensa (DAM) is a medium-sized chapter of American Mensa with a current membership of 235. Our membership comes from west central Ohio around Dayton, south as far as Middletown, Oxford, and Lebanon, and north to Sidney. We serve an area that includes Clark, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, and Warren Counties, and portions of Butler and Shelby Counties. We are part of American Mensa, Region 3 (Great Lakes and Ohio Valley), coordinated by Regional Vice Chair Julia Ashley. The Region 3 website has information about the Region and links to the other groups within Region 3.

Dayton Area Mensa is governed by a Steering Committee of elected volunteers that meets monthly, generally during the first week of each month at an area restaurant or member's home. Steering Committee Officer elections happen each December for the following calendar year. There are also a number of volunteer positions held by members who want to be more involved with Dayton Area Mensa. The Steering Committee Page has email links for these contacts, or you may contact us at the address at the top right of this page or use the Contact Us Page.

You are also welcome to read the Membership Handbook. It contains a lot of information about Dayton Area Mensa and American Mensa.

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